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Tech Scene

Trondheim Tech Environment

The technology sector in Trondheim is boosting, with the number of startups increasing every year.

The Trondheim Tech Scene in Numbers:


Tech Companies


Employees ('16)


New startups ('16)


Revenue (BNOK)

Blue Chip Companies

The largest and most profitable industrial companies in the region.

Notable Tech Companies

This is a selection of mature and fast growing tech companies. The main part of the revenue is based on proprietary products, methods, technology, service and knowledge.

Research Communities

This is a selection of the most prominent research centres and laboratories.

Tech Startups

The ones to watch! On this list you will find what we consider the be the finest and most promising tech startups in Trondheim. Current selection is for 2017.

Prominent Research Labs

Trondheim is often referred to as the technology capital of Norway. The citys research centres and laboratories are world class and staffed with leading international scientists.


The complete overview over tech companies in the greater Trondheim region, registered by Impello for the annual Impello report. This list is updated yearly.

Latest news:
UKA lager techkonferanse

UKA lager techkonferanse

For aller første gang arrangeres UKA Technology Conference, en teknologikonferanse arrangert av studenter under Norges største kulturfestival, UKA.

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Sluppen klar for industrieventyr

Sluppen klar for industrieventyr

ADRESSA: Sluppen blir et industriområde bygd opp av høyteknologi-gründere.

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#33 The Landlord’s Daughter

#33 The Landlord’s Daughter

Vi synger for å feire DIGS som har åpnet Habitat, men går raskt over til mer alvorlige ting som opsjonsbeskatning, innovasjon i offentlig sektor (host) og suksesscaset Remarkable. Vi avslører en stor nyhet på dagens fremsnakk – og sender Adressa-redaktøren til Oslo med en solid dose baksnakk. Medvirkende: Lakse-Sven, Trappe-Eirik, Energi-Gøril og Redak-Thor Spilt inn

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– Et sunnhetstegn at studenter dropper olje

– Et sunnhetstegn at studenter dropper olje

ADRESSA: – At færre ønsker å studere oljefag er et sunnhetstegn for norsk økonomi, mener Thor Richard Isaksen i teknologibedriften Zedge

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Et dataspill fikk Nikolas (13) til å elske trening

Et dataspill fikk Nikolas (13) til å elske trening

AFTENPOSTEN: Glad i dataspill, men hater å trene? Med ny teknologi kan du spille deg i form.

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Trondheimsregionen vokser raskest i Norge

Trondheimsregionen vokser raskest i Norge

I mer enn ett år har Trondheim nå vokst raskere enn Oslo, Bergen og Stavanger. Det samme gjelder regionene samlet: Siste fire kvartal var den prosentvise veksten høyere i Trondheimsregionen enn i de tre andre storbyregionene.

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Tech Media

News services providing the latest updates on startups, innovation and technology in the Trondheim region.

upcoming events:
Technoport 2017

Technoport 2017

Technoport ties together the science, skills and savvy needed to take on the real challenges. Expect engaging discussions, big breakthroughs and fresh perspectives, giving us a new understanding of how to build a better tomorrow, together. Welcome to Wonderland for visionaries

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Events & Conferences

Trondheim hosts numerous events and conferences related to technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Education, Coursework and Seminars

Everything there is to learn about setting up your own startup business...

Good Reads

Reports and documents relevant to entrepreneurs and the Trondheim tech environment.

Student Organizations

Our student organizations works relentlessly to increase the interest of innovation and entrepreneurship among their fellow students. In addition, the students host events, offer advice and provide a fresh flow of energy into to the citys innovation eco-system.

Pro Networks

Professional networks provides skilled professionals with an arena to refresh and explore their fields of expertise.

Business Clusters

The larger Trondheim region has several high tech clusters where businesses team up to find strength in numbers.

Incubators, Coworking spaces and startup labs

Incubators and coworking spaces has been described as the boarding schools of the business world, accepting young, rough-around-the-edges startups, teaching them, mentoring them and making them market-ready, before shipping them off into the real world.

Innovation houses

Innovation companies, TTOs and accelerators supply tech startups with knowledge, experience and resources needed to realize their potential in the marketplace.

Preseed, Seed and Venture funds

Money, capital, dough, bucks, benjamins or cheddar. Whatever you call them, Trondheim's got them.

National funds investing in Trondheim Tech

Funds and investors based outside Trondheim that have invested in Trondheim Tech companies.

Public Innovation Support

Most governmental agencies that deal with innovation and entrepreneurship have offices in Trondheim.

Soft Funding

Regional grants, loans and assistance programs for startups and research projects.